#28 days, February, 23rd, Reach

#28 days, February 23rd.

Dream your dreams, reach for the clouds. You only have one life, so experience it to the full. Let your feelings flow. Let your emotions grasp the better of you. Fly into a rage over a bee like

Drew Barrymore’s evil stepsister in Ever After. Angelica Huston as the cruel stepmother: ‘Whatever I’ve done, whatever I do, it is never enough‘.

Break down and sob when grief overwhelms you. Let the tears trickle down your cheeks at the sound of a song. At the surge of music, the unfolding of that poignant scene on stage or on the big screen.

Laugh out loud, cry with joy. Natural beauty makes you weep with bliss. Reach for the heavens and touch the moon. Share and love together. Fulfill your dreams. Reward comes raining down on the bold.

To wrap up my poem, listen to The Pretenders, Lovers of Today.


The Pretenders Chrissie HyndeS,

I’ll Stand By You sung by Chrissie.


Interview about her book Restless