⌗FMF, Five Minute Friday, April 19th, NEXT

Hello, it’s Friday again. In fact, I’m only posting this on Saturday 4.00 p.m. European time ! I’m participating in the A to Z challenge, 10th anniversary, this month. As well as the NaNoWriMo April.

So I’m perpetually on to the next thing !

Write five minutes flat every Friday with Kate and her ‘gang’, on a word prompt given Thursday evening. If you would like to know more or participate in the future.   go here


Make a list and take what is NEXT.

One by one the chores will be done.

No pressure, enjoy every one.

Work becomes pleasure, seize the Day.

Tomorrow it will be gone.

Now is the next thing in your thoughts.

An idea is precious, jot it down.

The written word stays, speeches stray.

For your life, you only have yourself

to thank and blame.


The Last Supper, Jesus Christ Superstar, Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tim Rice. Official film soundtrack, 1973.   go here

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    1. So glad you liked it. On Friday (26th). We saw the Phantom of the Opera in London. Magical. My daughter’s favourite ! Mine is also Jesus Christ Superstar ! The 1973 film. I have never seen this one in the theatre though ! Would love to see it on Broadway sometime. Never in New York, when it’s on !

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