⌗FMF, May 17th 2019, PROMISE

It’s Friday again. Write five minutes flat on a word prompt. 

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What a wonderful word prompt !

Although it is raining today in Toulouse and the weather has gone cooler 14ºC instead of 26ºC all week, the weekend is full of Promise.

We are spending two blissful days in our house in The Dordogne : the promise of the first cherries.

The promise of a quiet retreat away from Internet.

Time to write, read, garden (if the rain lets up) and the promise of heart-lifting spring cleaning in the house.

Clearing away the ashes from the fireplace. Sweeping the cobwebs from the beams and corners.

Working to music, singing and whistling along like Snow White.

Maybe even the promise of a fun game of tennis ! Or meeting with our neighbours and the promise of some enhancing, nourishing news.


Extract from Snow White, Disney, 1937 go here I first saw Snow White in 1969, when I was four and it scared me half to death ! The witch and the branches in the forest !

Edith Piaf, ‘Mon Dieu’go here

extract from the film ‘La Môme’ go here
Edith Piaf, ‘Non, Rien de Rien’ go here extract from the film. and here scene comparison between the film and real life.

Elie du Bois, Dordogne, France, May 2013

The Meadow. Cherry tree to the left.

Cherries. Photo May 2013.

Elie du Bois. The Living Room. May 2013.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to comment, like, share your own promises, joys. And I will be sure to reply.

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