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This week  TESTIMONY

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My reflections.

The testimony of faith. I am not a practicing christian and don’t believe in God. I believe in the forces of the Universe. But I have faith in Mankind. That he will continue to learn from the testimony of History. The words written down by ordinary men and women who maybe have acquired a bit more wisdom than most of us. The wisdom to ask questions even if it takes them a lifetime to find answers. If answers are to be had.

Sometimes the wisest realisation is to accept that we know nothing of the mysteries surrounding our being alive. All great philosophers from Buddha to Al-Kindi, from Moses to Socrates, from Plato to Montaigne, from Kierkegaard to Sartre started to write and leave a testimony behind in order to attempt to answer the questions that obssessed them.

Who am I ? Where do I come from ? Why am I here.

They poured all their energy, the power of their wonderfully developed human brain to bring answers to the table. Their written testimonies thus helping those who came after them to continue searching for answers.

Our job is to listen to these testimonies, learn from them and endeavour to bear witness to further discoveries, interpretations, reflections and thus lead Humankind forward into its full potential, carrying greater compassion, peace, freedom and love.


Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrica. Tribute to Nelson Mandela and South Africa. go here

Mari Boine, Idjagiedas, In the Hand of the Night.  Finnish Saami Native. here

The Creation of the World, 

Hieronymus Bosch 1495-1505

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6 thoughts on “⌗FMF, Friday 6th September 2019, TESTIMONY

  1. Hi,
    I have just finished reading your Testimony. I can’t accept what you say as real for me. I understand that you’re saying that for you and I can accept that, but my take is on a belief that goes farther than mankind can ever go. I have read many of the philosophers you mention and heard many others comment on the universe and what it has to give but they ignore to answer the fact of how the universe was created.
    My own belief tells me that we just didn’t evolve by ourselves and that life is no coincidence of a big crash or splash.
    I’ve seen enough humans do damage to other humans. I’ve seen jealousy kill and hatred wipe out ethnicities and this jealousy and hatred stem from humans who espouse love yet do the opposite. So my testimony is that I do believe in God. I believe that our existence is based on his goodness.

    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat G

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    1. Honestly I don’t think there can ever be a final statement on this. No matter how many philosophers try to delve into this there will never be a lAst word on the mysteries of the universe. There may be several interpretations but no single answer. Also, faith in mankind or god are derivatives of each other. I too believe in an unseen force but don’t confine it to a single name or faith.

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      1. Agree Sonia. I call it Nature for lack of a better term, and it gives it a physical embodiment. The idea that we are part of the Universe but the whole Universe is encompassed in each and everyone of us appealed the most to me. My faith in this belief materialises in my readings, writing and my yoga 🧘🏿‍♂️ practices .


    2. Pat. I respect your faith, as I do all civilizations’ beliefs as I understand how important it is in each person’s life. I am happy that you find solace in your God’s goodness. However if he exists, mankind has sadly strayed from his vision . What bothers me personally is the representations of God as a human in Christian faith and as the creator of the Universe in most religions. I find more strength in random physical and chemical chain reactions. But I also believe in karma, or the idea that what you sow you reap, in terms of the positive and negative energy you bring to the Universe through your actions and reactions.


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