⌗FMF, Friday 4th October 2019, LISTEN

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This week LISTEN

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My poem.

Listen to the Universe

Listen to the crowd.

Their stampede shivers

the Earth.

Listen to the stars

singing lightyears away

beyond their tombs.

The holler rising

to the azur from the trees

pierces my heart.

The crackle invading

the forests alarm

the does, the panthers.

Hear the plaintive

advocating action.

The wise warning the assembly.

Hear the waves

beat the sand.

The whales’ cry.

Listen to the panda

weeping over bamboo


Listen to the rush

of dead coral

knocking on Ocean’s floor.

Hear the distress.

Head the evidence.

Don’t turn away, listen.


My Generation, The WHO, live 1967, here

Starman, David Bowie, 1972, here

Respire, Mickey 3D, 2004 here

Biarritz, Winter 2013

Storm brewing. View from my desk, April 2019.

Evening, July 2019

Don’t touch the Moon. August 2019

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Sunny here in Toulouse. Clear skies early this morning, some fluffy clouds now. Warm, autumn dew at daybreak.

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