⌗AtoZ Challenge, 20th April 2020, Q&A session on writing my novel by budding journalist, Paul.

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Welcome to the 2020 APRIL A to Z Challenge

Half-Way there, Hang On.

Quote of the Day :  If you trust yourself, you will inspire trust in others

Goethe (1749-1832)

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Q will be a day to answer all your questions on my novel in progress, so feel free to write them down in your comment, on any day till then. On the 20th April, I will compile all the questions and answer each one on my Q post.  No Questions from you so I decided to ask Paull, budding journalist to devise a Q&A session on the writing of my novel that you can find below.

Brief synopsis of plot and characters :

Mathilda, my first main character, is American and lives in New York City. She is a student at NYU where she is preparing a thesis on the origins and developments of African American Music. She is a first person narrator. Her timeframe is 2005. In my previous extracts, Mathilda has travelled to New Orleans, Jekyll Island and Hattiesburg.

Bartolomé, my second main character, is Cameroonian and lives in Yaoundé. He is a professor of Mathematics at the University there. I will be using a third-person narrator for this character from his Point of View. His timeframe is the early ’90’s. In my previous extracts, Bartolomé has made a trip up North for his grand-father’s funeral and decided to leave Yaoundé behind for good.

Q&A session

Journalist’s questions : 

1)  When did you first get the idea for this novel ?

2) What have you being doing for the past 15 years ?

3) You say on your Blogger Profile that you are a travel addict. Did your travels inspire you to write your novel ? Which trips in particular ?

4) In lots of your posts, you add links to music. How important is music in your novel ?

5) Are the characters people that you have met in real life ?

6) Why the 90’s and 2000’s ?

7) Why did you choose to make Mathilda a first-person narrator and Bartolomé a third-person narrator ?

8)  Do your other writings play a part in the novel ?

9) Have you considered writing this story in poetic form ?

Interview by Paul Rouchard student in Journalism at Nice University

 watch here

I like to write to music

Supertramp, Live Paris 1979, Logical,  listen here

       It’s Raining Again, official video here

       Fool’s Overture, here

       Dreamer, here

       Two of Us, watch here   ( extract Melancholia, Lars Von Trier ).

I like to write overlooking the Meadow 

at our farmhouse in the Dordogne, June 2019.

Or sitting in my deckchair

in my garden in Toulouse, February 2020.

or on the terrace at Hotel Capri, 

Sitges  Barcelona, May 2019

Or at my desk in Toulouse, February 2020

overlooking the garden

and the sunset

Thank you for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed this insight into my writer’s life.

See you tomorrow for another extract from said Novel in Progress.

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