⌗AtoZ Challenge, Monday 4th May, Reflections.

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Welcome to the 2020 APRIL A to Z Challenge

We did it. Hooray !

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Quote of the Day :  Take care of your body so your soul wishes to stay there.

Indian Proverb.

if you would like to know more about the A to Z Challenge, founded 11 years ago by Arlee Bird at Tossing Out,  read here

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Like for the Q&A of 20th Aprilm Paul has agreed to interview me for this post.

The following questions come from last year’s Reflections. To watch the interview go here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbovDjwWwVs&feature=youtu.be

1) What did you enjoy ?

2 ) What would you change about it?

3 ) What was the best moment for you during this year’s challenge?

4 ) What is the best comment your blog got during the challenge, and who left the comment?

1st place Roland Clarke; 2nd place Ronel Janse.

Thanks to Sonia and Jayden R Vicente for visiting often and leaving encouraging comments also.

5 ) Will you do the challenge again?

6 ) Was it well organised and were the hosts helpful? (Did you fill out the after survey? Yes)

7 ) How did you and your blog grow, change, or improve as a result of this challenge? Did you find new blogs out there to enjoy?

8 ) Any suggestions for the future?

9 ) Any notes to the co-host team? 

Blogs I visited regularly and recommend warmly :

Ronel the Mythmaker  theme Faerie, legends and mythical beings. here

Roland Clarke, Writing Wings,selection of his best A to Z posts over the years , Viking history notably. here

Sonia Dogra, A Hundred Quills, Poems on World History, notably Indian History, here

Keith’s Ramblings, weaving tales with unusual words. here

Wolf of Words, King Mengi, fun fan fiction, here

Martha Reynolds, unusual and exotic Food …. yum yum …. or not, here

The Next Best Thing to Mummy, solid and sensible care for children, here

The Multicoloured Diary, Mythology and Folklore, here

TharsheBlogs, here

Non A to Z Bloggers

Don Charisma, writing, opinions, play. here

Poetry Festival, writing and performing poetry, here

The Jolly Boys, Rehab here

Crystal Fighters, Follow here

John Grant, I Wanna go to Marz here

Cee Lo Green, Georgia here

Kanda Bongo Man, Muchana here

Cherokee Statue, Cherokee, April 2008

my Writing desk outside in the Meadow in the Dordogne

Chemin montane dans les Hautes Herbes, RENOIR

Bournemouth Beach, morning swim

the car broke down and we had to sleep in the wild, North Cameroon, Jan. 1989

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful Reflections Day.

See you all very soon.

Susan Baury Rouchard.

11 thoughts on “⌗AtoZ Challenge, Monday 4th May, Reflections.

  1. That is such a beautiful picture Susan. Look at you!
    Congratulations on surviving yet another year of A to Z. I’m as yet to catch up with so many of your posts. Soon enough. Thank you for the shout out.
    Wish you luck with the book!

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  2. Thanks for the mention Susan, very kind. I don’t get out as much as I should, usually takes a pingback to awaken my inner commenter 🙂

    I never actually did an A-Z challenge, maybe I will in future – and well done having completed, that’s some patience and persistence.

    Hope you are well, and safe.



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      1. My pleasure, was just doing my best to warn people when mainstream media wasn’t. Kinda served my purpose toward end of April, so I stopped.

        And, yeah, I blog about all kinds of stuff, that’s topical or interesting to me, try and have fun doing it – which is the whole point if we’re not getting paid 🙂

        Well done again for completing the challenge, that’s hardcore-effort – respect.



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