⌗AtoZ Challenge, Monday 18th May, ROAD TRIP

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Welcome to the 2020 APRIL A to Z Challenge

We did it. Hooray !

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Quote of the Day :  Take care of your body so your soul wishes to stay there.

Indian Proverb.

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So, you’ve finished the A to Z Challenge for the year. Quite an accomplishment! Congratulations!
“But wait,” you say. “I don’t feel like I’ve done the Challenge, because even though I did all the entries and responded to all the comments on my blog, I didn’t visit anyone else! I can’t say I’ve finished if I didn’t visit anyone!”
John Holton on A to Z main page. Please visit for all the info on how to join the road trip.

Life in Poetry’s Road Trip,

As stated in my Reflections Post of Mqy 4th 2020, I managed to visit about 30 blogs during the Challenge, this year, including the Theme Revealed of March 16th.However, since May 1st, I have been on the road again, revisiting former blogs but also discovering new ones

  • S.M. Saves at To My Recollection
  • Janet Crum
  • Amber Lambda  on story telling
  • The Vaidik Journal
  • Sonia Lal
  • Cyranny’s Cove
  •  Planet Pailly Tomorrow News Network
  • Fallon Brown on movies
  • Martha Reynolds
  • Zeannaroux
  • Jessica at Rarely Tidy Ramblings on art inspired by song lyrics.
  • Ellen on Happy Wonders
  • Brewing Coffee, Twisting Words&Breaking Pencils

among many more.So go visit on your Road Trip. Great idea commenting after the heat of the fire.

This month I am taking another road trip of my own … reading all the newspaper articles which have piled up on my daughter’s bed (she lives in London, now, boo hoo, haven’t seen her since Christmas.)Interesting to skim through the news after the fact.I came across a very interesting article (31st January) in a Chinese Newspaper, Huanquiu Wang, Beiging,  on how the pandemic was received in China after the first outbreaks and quarantine in Wuhan and Hubei Province and the instances of outright racism towards the inhabitants of the region. This epidemic of daily racism was echoed in divers articles in the BBC News, the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Le Monde, El Pùblico …. ( beginning of February) all recording episodes of collective hysteria against Asian ‘looking’ people.The result of the pandemic has also brought about a number of breaches concerning individual freedom. I am not talking about the confinement, quarantine, lockdown or shutdown as it is called differently in various countries, but about the after- measures : APPs devised to inform the government of your trips within the limits of the sanitary law, as they exist in France, or medical history collected illegally, as in China. And of course, an excuse to reinforce or create totalitarian States anywhere around the Globe.
Another piece of News which I am very worried about is the Fate of the State of Palestine, diligently swept under the carpet after Trump’s disguised annexation deal with Netanyahuand in spite of uproars in several countries, Western and Arabic. Not a word from the UN or the EEC, officially.  As the UN’s call for a cease-fire in all wars, conveniently silenced. As the Fate of the Refugees’ Camp on the Turco-Syrian border in Idlib where the WHO and Red Cross cannot access and where people are dropping like flies from the Covid. ( The new series Years and Years about Britain 15 years from now, narrates this fact as part of a plan to get rid of refugees flocking in from Continental Europe.)
To conclude. Even though we have all witnessed surges of solidarity in communities and internationally, our crazy leaders are also showing their true faces. So beware ! Stay Safe but Stay Vigilant …. and please, please do NOT re-elect Trump for those of you who vote in the States. As the pen is mightier than the sword, it is your job to persuade as many voters as possible before November.©susanbauryrouchard

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