Week #1 of the June’s #Poetry Challenge

Welcome to my Blog life in Poetry.

I am participating this week in Carrie Ann Golden ⎖s Poetry Challenge for the month.

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Write a poem every week on a visual prompt.

Photo Credit: Majaranda via Pixabay Free Images

Image by Adrian Lang via Pixabay Free Images

Still Vivid

Frozen in the twilight,
we would sit side by side,
brushing hands.

We gazed over the twinkle,
the lake, a crescent moon
greeted the violet sky.

A breeze from the conifer
ruffled your hair;
I felt your breath

on my bare thigh.
Repressing a sigh,
a premonition crept up;

our last moments together
still vivid in my mind.


Angus and Julia Stone, Snow, 2018


Hugh Coltman, Stranded, 2012


My photos from May 2020

View over our meadow, Dordogne

Wild daisies in front of the house

Of course, the grass hasn’t been cut since last July.

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