Week #2 of the June’s #Poetry Challenge

Welcome to my Blog life in Poetry.

I am participating this week in Carrie Ann Golden ⎖s Poetry Challenge for the month.

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Image credit: Mohamed Hassan 

Write a poem every week on a visual prompt.

Alone in the Moonlight

The moon glows in the night air,

it rises from a sea of clouds,

bobbing out of the gloom

like vanilla ice-cream, 

a lollipop bouncing in fluff.

A dark wisp of cloud tickles

its ears and then swallows it whole. 

The next, cotton wool damp air,

plays with its face, giving it 

a moustache, a beard, extravagant 

sideburns, a grotesque nose

and crowning its forehead 

with a Louis XIVth rolling wig, 

a wisp of silver.

And suddenly, from the ebb and flow,

the moon shines out through a break 

in the tide, blowing a thousand watt bulb.

Swallowed up in an instant, the moon

falls in a volcano of murky carpet,

disappearing forever.