Week #4 of June’s #Poetry Challenge, Wednesday 24th, Carnets de Voyages

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I am participating this week in Carrie Ann Golden ⎖s Poetry Challenge for the month, on

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Image by Darius Z Sankowski

Carnets de Voyages

In my new red country dress,

I strolled the streets of Glenwood Springs.

A woman stopped me to say

I looked stunning.

I took a photograph of an old typewriter

through an antique’s shop window.

On the pages of my travel

notebook, I lay down

my melancholy, my little girl

memories, when we took

that road trip, the summer

I was five.

The Great Sioux Chief smiled

at me, held my hand; 

we shared the wisdom

deep in his eyes.

Forty years later, we gaze,

my three children and I,

into the abyss of the Colorado;

we lose ourselves in the Delicate Arch.

The snapshots pepper my dreams.

They morph into stories on the page,

the tip of my fountain pen

chases down the plot.


Thank you for visiting. Heat wave commencing in Toulouse France.

Photos from my travels Out West, 2013.

Glenwood Springs

Dead Horseshoe Point

Delicate Arch, Moab National Park

Wishbone Ash, The King will Come here

Georges Gershwin, Rhapsody in Blue, here

Frederic Chopin, here

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