⌗WEP-IWSG Challenge, August 2020, Wednesday 19th, LONG SHADOW, The Banker

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Quote of the Day : 

L’humanité qui devrait avoir 6000 ans d’expérience, retombe en enfance à chaque génération.  Tristan Bernard (French playwright and novelist, 1866-1947)

Man who should have accumulated 6000 years of experience, falls back into childhood at every new generation.

It’s time for another Write Edit Publish Challenge of 2020, writing on a word and picture prompt with the Insecure Writers’ Support Group.

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This Month


The Banker

His long coat swishes across the macadam.

The gaslit streetlights throw the shadow

of a Stetson onto the lovers’ bench.

They gaze up and see the deep scar;

it forms a curve, a coma, like a tear

frozen at the corner of his eye.

His iris is contracted as if from an intense

glare. She gasps in surprise.

They scuttle off towards the cover of the trees;

he swooshes on his way, disappears

round a brick corner. A cat shrieks

from a trash can in a dead end.

whore whistles a walk down the alley

and smiles absently at the tall, bizarre hat

and cloaked passerby. She recoils

on glimpsing his face.

The man approaches the unlit bank;

he leans against the stone wall

and lights a cigar, pulling

his watch from his pocket. He waits.

When Mr Hacklebaum locks the side-door,

the mysterious stranger steps closer.

As they brush shoulders, the man

swipes a blade across the banker’s throat.

The moon grins at the scene,

casts long shadows over the pavement,

the bench, the wood. The murderer

slinks into the night, coat flapping.


FCA 185 words.

The Third Man, Joseph Cotten, Orson Welles, by Carol Reed 1949   , watch here

Counterpart, TV series, 2017-19, watch here

Bole 2 Harlem, 2007 listen here

Elementary, TV series. Season 7, Episode 13,  2019, watch here

My travels this Summer

Dordogne , sunset on the meadow.

Basque Country, Hendaye. Sunrise on the Twin Rocks and the ocean

Sunrise over Leiketio, Biskaïa

Sunset over Leiketio

Sunrise over the Pyrenees, St Etienne de Baïgorry

Sunset over Les Aldudes, Pyrenees

Sunrise over the Cirque de Gavarnie, Pyrenees

Sunrise over village of Viscos, Grave de Gavarnie valley

Thats all folks. Heat wave again in Toulouse, France.

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