⌗WEP-IWSG Challenge, Wednesday 14 October, Grave Mistake

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Quote of the Day : 
L’humanité qui devrait avoir 6000 ans d’expérience, retombe en enfance à chaque génération.  Tristan Bernard (French playwright and novelist, 1866-1947)

Man who should have accumulated 6000 years of experience, falls back into childhood at every new generation.

It’s time for another Write Edit Publish Challenge of 2020, writing on a word and picture prompt with the Insecure Writers’ Support Group.
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The joint WEP-IWSG Challenge 2020

This Month

Grave Mistake , a narrative poem, following on from Long Shadow in August. 

Grave Mistake
Leaves tugged on slashing branches,

flew over the stones and settled on

her lace-up boots. She bowed her head,

a tear trickled down her nose, joined

the rivulets of rain cruising the crease

between cheek and mouth.

Burnt grass from August heat was bright

green, now, in the damp, cool air.

She glanced behind her slumped

shoulder towards a crisp crackle

to her left. A long shadow blocked out 

the failing light.

The felt hat covered head advanced

to her father’s last resting place.

His long cloak swished, his boots

sloshed in sodden mud. His mouth

whispered in the wind:

” It was a grave mistake, what your

banker father did. I was only the arm

executing.” She jerked her head,

saw the curved scar, ” Who are you ?”

The man fell silent,

as though he had never spoken; eyed

the stone. To the Memory of an Honest, 

Loving father and Husband.” Honest , he was not;

thought he could double-cross the boss:

grave mistake, grave mistake.” 

She felt a pang of anger mingle with

the pain in her breast. Her fist clenched

upwards, hammered down on his chest:

” What are you talking about ?”

” The truth, Milady, the truth. No escape,no reproof.”

She screamed in his dark face,

she trampled the soil. He caught

her wrists and shushed her brow

against his heart. He was a good man, 

a loving grandfather, she thought; but

where did all the money come from ?

thank you for reading

Mozart  Zauberflöte        


Dom Juan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hY_bQpmEBc0


Les Sablettes, La Seyne sur Mer

L’ Esterel

la Promenade des Anglais, Nice

Calanques, Cassis

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