⌗IWSG, Wednesday 2nd December, Seasons and inspiration

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December Question
Are there months or times of the year when you are more productive with your writing, and why ?

Spring is my favourite season. It lends bounce to my inspiration; when nature wakes up and the air is bright, promising.Mornings all year round have the same effect on my writing. Sunshine and tender music also help. Every season is precious though as I couldn’t live without four clear-cut seasons for too long, in an Equatorial or Tropical country for example.Nature is always a boost to my moods: creativity flows with the energy from the light, birds, trees, flowers, the scent and taste of the outside air.That’s why I capture all these atmospheres with my camera: to enjoy them on a rainy day.
here are my latest photos from October and November and some music I’m listening to at the moment

Cats on Trees


Hugh Coltman


Uzerche in the Massif Central

The Loire at Amboise

Autumn colours, Elie du Bois, Dordogne

Incredible mushrooms from the meadow

Morning writing with the sunrise

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