⌗Friday FICTIONEERS- Photo prompt- Paddle

 HAPPY Friday. Welcome to the Friday Fictioneers’ blog hop, hosted by Rochelle.

Thanks to Keith for introducing me to this fun excuse to write our heart’s out and share with so many talented scribblers.

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This week’s prompt

‘Well, I certainly hope he’s enjoying himself,’ she thought. 

Karen saw herself in a bark canoe paddling up the Orinoco with Alexander Von Humboldt in 1799. Windsurfing had been bad enough on her back ! She far preferred sailing on a twelve-footer along rugged coasts off Porquerolles or Belle-île. What was this crazy new fashion ! She rather pictured herself on a mirrored lake working oars with her Grandpa in Scandinavia or the Dordogne. Maybe she’d take a leap and go in for Kite-surfing.

“Is that the time! Gaspard, you’re running in circles, let’s take that walk,” she said out loud to his ghost.

susanbauryrouchard, Toulouse, France.

Here are some of my own photographs of fellow humans engaging in more classic occupations…..

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