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Today’s photo prompt brought by ©Brenda Cox

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“I want a ride on the elephant”

“Me, on the pumpkin carriage”

“I got to the spaceship before that redhead”

Wee, round and round, up and down. Dizzy, elated, drunk on pure pleasure. Carousel music plays on a large painted organ in the corner. A disquieting clown opens his mouth to reveal his brass tube teeth, in time with the cymbals.

Out of control, screams. The old man crawls under the platform, swings up from a hole and gently eases the lever. Phew ! The dizzy young’uns stumble from their mounts and recover by sinking their jaws into toffee apple, cotton candy.

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Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel, original abc television soundtrack.

listen here

for some videos of my own, my three children, from Chattanooga, North Carolina, April 2008, visit my post on Blogger here


More photos of Carousels

My first born and I, Bournemouth 1997

above, Paris Christmas 1997

and below, 

my second born Toulouse February 2001


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