⌗Friday Fictionneers-5 November 2021. Just One Minute

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“Just one Minute”

    “Time to go Benji.”
‘Have to get the fire engine to the scene,’ Benji was thinking , absorbed in his imaginary adventure. ‘Round the corner, past the hydrant; park next to the oak tree’. It was shedding golden leaves while some boys were kicking a football haphazardly. ‘Hook up to avoid the flames’, only feet away from hitting the line of gasoline creeping towards the porch steps. The hose finally sprouted a steady arc of water. Just in time, just in time.
    “Ready now, Mum.”

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Autumn ColoursSt Bertrand de Comminges, Pyrenees.

28 thoughts on “⌗Friday Fictionneers-5 November 2021. Just One Minute

  1. This is wonderful (as are the autumn pictures). We try, when we’re writing, to rediscover some of the lively imagination children have, and sometimes succeed, but never exactly like it was. I remember sailing the high seas with a doll and a footstool as a kid…

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